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My Favorite Links:

Some cool genealogy places I have found in my lengthy wanderings.


Try this search engine!

AltaVistaOne of the many search engines. I think I have been there.
LycosThis is the site that has the smart black lab running pell mell all over delivering boxer shorts and such.
Yahoo!Do you Yahoo? I do! It's my favorite(cuz I am a creature of habit).
InfoSeekHave to admit...never been there.

FreeServers.comFREE Web Space for All!
Ancestry.comMan....I have found SO MUCH INFORMATION HERE!
A Barrel of Genealogy LinksOne of those directories of links.....take a look.

Heritage BooksWhere you can find genealogy books, and even have YOURS published.
Royal AncestryAn Aol site that has lots and lots of royal lineages.
MN Genealogy LinksBe sure to place a description of your link for your viewers here!
Alvord ForumForum for the Surname Alvord
RootswebAnother genealogy site like ancestry.com. I haven't really tried it yet.
Higginson BooksThese people have lots o'books!